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Stud Fee: $3500

Jet will be standing at Chuck  & Lauri Givens' farm in Richmond Kentucky for the 2018 breeding season.   A huge thank you to Chuck & Lauri for taking such great care of Jet when he is at his Kentucky vacation home. We couldn't be more pleased and grateful for them.  Click on the image below to visit their site with all their contact information.

Click any of the association icons below for more information regarding their incentive program.

Jet is a proven sire. His offspring are natural athletes with speed, agility, and stamina. Physical ability is only one piece of the puzzle though. To succeed at any level of competition requires mental strength as well.  Year after year Rednecks have been demonstrating their ability to maintain a level head & to focus on the task at hand.  Rednecks love their job & do it very well. Add in a big heart and it is no surprise why they excel at all levels of competition. Not many sires can produce offspring versatile enough for novice, amateur, youth, and professional riders.  So, no matter what you are looking for, Redneck Jet has you covered.