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2016 Congress 13& Under Pole Bending Champion 

Bad Ask Redneck


Ella Kate Phillips

2016  Congress Amateur Pole Bending Champion

Wheel Redneck That


Heath Ratcliff

2016 Congress Amateur Select Pole Bending Champion

One Rare Redneck


Terry Bransteter

2016 Congress Pole Bending sweeps 1st Go Champion

How Bouta Redneck


Brian Foushee/ Sarah Fackler


AQHA Jr. Poles




TES Redneck Alli

owned by


Jeff Michael & 

shown by


Brian Foushee

Katelyn Danzy


rode I'm a


Little Redneck


to a top 5


finish in the


barrels at the


Jr. NFR in










Heath Ratcliff


Amateur Pole


Bending Champs

Vivian Bransteter & Sheza Redneck Woman

Quarter Horse Congress Champions  Amatuer Select Poles

Must be a Redneck


Brady Hart

NPBA 1-D  Youth Champion 


Keeping it in the family, Terry Bransteter &  One Rare Redneck were Reserve Congress Champs in  Amateur Select Poles

2017  NPBA 1D Futurity Champion Redneck Rio makes it 5 out of 7  for Trent Tobin and Rednecks as 1D futurity champions. That is a nice little winning streak.